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    Flash 8: Fishing game help?

      Although im not new to using flash, however as far as programming video games in flash goes, then yes, im a noob, this seems like the only suitable section to post the request.

      The game Click Here

      The link above is an image of my game in its basic view so far, the user will control the guy on the land with arrow keys walking left and right. Underneath him is a pond with fish and a green glowing fish which is the players lure. The lure follows the player as he walks and the fish swim about until they come close to the lure and then they grab it, and the user must then press a couple of buttons rapidly to bring the fish up.

      The Question:
      I am a complete noob when it comes to AI, its about the fish. First of all i want them to swim about going from left to right of the pond, how do i make them do this?. Also if a fish gets close to the lure, i want them to grab it, how do i do that?, what are the action script for these functions, or do i even need action script?

      My current idea:
      As far as the fish grabing the lure goes, perhaps i could make each fish into a movie clip, each having a sprite where they already have the lure grabbed, then perhaps, somehow, coming into contact with the lure will switch their swimming sprite, to the sprite where they have the lure grabbed. Thats the only solution i can think of, but there is still the AI movement problem.

      Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated, thanks