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    Swivel/Hanging text animation?


      So I didn't find a thread related to this but i'm trying to accomplish a specific animation for my video which is where it's just Text BUT a letter loses integrity and ends up hanging from its bottom axis left and right similar to something bolted to the wall but a part of it has a broken screw which makes it look as such . It ends up just swiveling left and right to elaborate significance of what i'm trying to convey, how do I go about achieving this? I'm pretty sure its simple I just can't find a detailed how to on it even in these forums

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Convert the text to outlines and animate each layer/ shape layer group separately.



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            NoMagnolia Level 1

            You can convert to outlines, but you could also do this -


            1) create your text

            2) add a Rotation animator

            3) go into More Options, change the grouping alignment (basically anchor point for each letter) until it swings from where you want it to

            4) check by altering the amount of rotation.... all the letters will rotate

            5) to only have one rotate, twirl down "Animator 1" and "Range selector 1" then "Advanced", change the units to "index" - this means you're working with individual letters, not a percentage of the total number.

            6) modify the "start" and "end" parameters to start at, say, 3 and end at 4. This will only affect the fourth letter along. (The first letter has an index of 0.)

            7) Animate the rotation property (of the animator, not the layer overall) to get the swing you want.


            Hope this helps!

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Nothing magic here. Put the letter you want to move on a separate layer, move the anchor point to the point where you want the rotation to center and animate rotation. Making it look organic is a matter of timing and keyframe interpretation. You can use an expression to simulate the pendulum motion.


              Dan Ebberts Pendulum Expression with an explanation.

              veloc = 7;

              amplitude = 80;

              decay = .7;



              This expression would have to be modified to delay the start of the motion and make the layer end up up side down or a null could be added to rotate the layer upside down.


              Here is Dan Ebbert's in depth discussion on the bounce and overshoot problems you are trying to solve:

              Realistic Bounce and Overshoot


              Probably the easiest solution would be to duplicate your text layer, apply a couple of keyframes to rotate the letter upside down and then add the expression to the dupe then pre-compose the layer animated layer and move it down the time line to the point where you want the letter to fall and make a cut between the copied text layer. It would look like this:


              Here's a CC project file: Dropbox - swingLow.aep

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                chanifier Level 1

                Thanks everyone! I thought of doing what Rick gerard did but I'd love to fiddle around more with the other suggestions. Thanks everybody!