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    Setup document for Right Hand Binding in UK English CS6.

    Matt McGregor

      Hi All,


      I have a client who requires a publication for the Asian market, hence needs to be right hand side bound. (Ie. When viewing the front cover of the publication the spine is on the Right Side, not the left, which would be common for the Australian market).


      How is a publication setup so that the lowest folio is on the right side of a spread not the left. I have searched through both the 'Document Properties' and 'Preferences' but can't find a setting to do this. The job could be setup as single pages (as a last resort) but due to the number of DPS articles this would create a lot of work.


      Attached is a page list of what I have (Left hand bind) and what I require (Right hand bind). Ie pages reading from right page to left page. 


      Thanks in Advance.




      InDesign CS 6.

      MacOS 10.7.5

      Left Hand Bind (Default).pngRight Hand Bind (REQUIRED).png