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    Multiple Singatures and Form Locking


      For years I have been using Adobe to create forms with multiple signatures and have never had a problem.  However, we recently upgraded to Adobe X Pro, and I am encountering an issue I have never had.  We basically use these forms as request forms, approval forms, work flow, and check list to insure all steps of the process are completed.  A typical example would be an initial requestor fills out a form to request something like increasing a customer's credit limit.  The requestor signs the form, and places the first of multiple (4-5) signatures and saves it on a shared drive.   A second person, such as our sales manager has to review the request and places a second signature approving the request. He may or may not make changes.  The president of our company has to review and place a third signature, giving final approval to the credit limit change.  He may or may not make changes.  Then the person who actually performs the system maintenance, has a check list to perform and these items are listed on the form.  This user has to type text or check boxes, etc. indicating what steps were performed, and then places a 4th signature indicating the work is completed.  Our CFO then has to review and place a final signature indicating the work was completed accurately and as indicated on the form.  This is a typical example of how we use the forms.  In the past, using lower versions, I could only figure out to how lock the forms after the last and final signature.  


      However, after recently upgrading to Adobe X Pro, I have started creating some new forms, and I've noticed what I believe is a new feature that will allow you to lock the form or a portion of the form in mid process.  In the above example, I would like to lock the portion of the form where the request was made, once the president has placed his approval signature not allowing anyone to make changes to the dollar amount on the credit limit.  However, I need to keep the check list portion of the form open allowing the systems maintenance person to check off the things they did and then place their signature.  And then lock the entire form allowing no further entry when the final signature is placed. 


      I thought I had this figured out, and when I tried testing, it all appeared to work as planned.  However, now that I have asked some of our users to test, they are experiencing issues that did not show up in my testing.  The initial requestor can sign, and the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, people had no issues placing their signatures, but when it got to the CFO, she could not place the final signature.  There is a message at the top of the screen that says "A least one signature has problems.  Please fill out the following form.  If you are the form author, choose Distribute from the forms panel in the Tools pane on the right to send it to your recipients."  I think this message is occurring with the placement of the first signature, but I'm not sure why? 


      I've read through some of the previous questions and answers and it sounds like it has something to do with the first signature not being a validating signature but I'm not sure what this means?  I am not a technical person, so I really need someone to help me and/or explain what I need to do to create this work flow process in Adobe X Pro.  Otherwise I may have to go back to locking the form only with the last signature, which I feel isn't quite as safe or secure.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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          Open signature panel and find a signature which is not Valid. It may tell you what's wrong right there, in the signature panel. The most likely cause is that one of your signers uses a signing certificate that chains up to a root which is not in Trusted Identities of other people (like your CFO). If you need more info, you can right-click on problematic signature, select "Signature Properties" and further examine the signature, like its signing certificate, its chain, etc.