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    Read-only error when writing metadata to file over network (Synology DS1315+ using AFP)




      I'm having a bit of a weird problem here. I recently bought a Synology DS1315+ for my Lightroom archive. Lighroom CC runs on a 2014 MacBook Pro Retina (Mavericks) and accesses the Lightroom DNG files over WIFI (2m distance to access point) using the AFP protocol. The connection works flawlessly and I get about 60MB/s file throughput over WIFI. If I work with Lightroom with files that are located on the DS1315+ I experience a weird behavior when I try to save metadata to the files (Command + S). Lightroom then tells me that my files are read-only (which they aren't) but very rarely it seems to work. If I now switch to SMB sharing (on the DS1315+), the saving operation works almost always. For me it seems that somehow a lock is generated on the file (through Lightroom?) which inhibits it from saving the metadata into the file.

      Does anyone have the same problem? Is there a solution around (since I would really like to keep using AFP instead of SMB)? Could it be a bug in Lightroom?


      Thanks for the help and let me know if you need further information (e.g. log files).


      Kind regards, Chris