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    Textflow and custom dynamic fonts

    Bhaashu Level 1

      Hello all,
      I am creating a browser based editor application using the Rich Editable Text control. I have a user defined set of fonts in different swf files. I am loading those swf files at run-time. Here is the part of code below.


      // Registers the fonts :


      I have loaded swf file at run time using the Loader and then registered the loaded font to global font list.


        var FontClass:*;

        var dom:ApplicationDomain = event.target.applicationDomain;

        FontClass = dom.getDefinition(fileName) as Class;



      /* This works Fine !!! */


      Now  I am trying to apply the loaded font to textflow with the code :



        var cf:TextLayoutFormat = new TextLayoutFormat();

        cf.fontLookup = FontLookup.EMBEDDED_CFF;

        cf.renderingMode = RenderingMode.CFF;

        cf.fontSize = mFontSize;

        cf.fontFamily = mFontName;

        var editManager: IEditManager = IEditManager(mTxtFlow.interactionManager);



      So, far I am using the device fonts its working fine and I am able to apply the font and  when I am applying the custom font its not being applied but when I am exporting thetextflow, it returns me the applied font name (i.e. custom font name I applied above).


      One more question I would like to ask. I have different swf files (with same name and different url) for a single font with different styles like ClearviewATT-Regular,ClearviewATT-Bold,ClearviewATT-BoldItalic,ClearviewATT-Light. What will Flex do in this case, because for Flex all swf files having same name. Would it register the first swf only , all the swf's or the last one? What should I do in this case.


      Please Help.