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    How to get search to function

      I created an online help using RoboHelp 6 HTML, generated and published a flash help. Both the content and index work fine. However, no matter what word or phrase I entered the search box, I always got "no topic is found".

      By the way, I wanted to generate a PDF document. I clicked Printed Documentation in single source layouts, I got an error message: The parameter is incorrect. What's going on here?

      Help please.

      Thanks a lot!
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Not sure about the search but I think we need to focus on the other problem first, maybe the cause is common.

          A small number of people have reported this but enough to know it is likely a bug. So far the only two solutions have been found:

          1] In one instance the problem arose when trying to delete a file. By putting the project on another PC with RH6 installed, it was possible to delete the file. After that, with the project back on the first PC, it worked OK again. If you do try this and have to install RH6 on a second PC to do it, don't activate the installation as that will give you different problems if you want to install RH6 later on say a home PC.

          2] Create a new project and import all the topics into that.

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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            There is one other thing you could try first on the print side. Delete the existing layout and create a new one. Again it might be that fixing one problem, fixes the other one, we just don't know yet.

            Do please post back how you get on.