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    AMS supported on AWS hosting on a generic CentOS AMI?




      I've been trying different ways to have AMS running on AWS EC2. first using the community AMIs provided by Adobe, but they won't stop/start to keep the filesystem, only create/terminate.

      I've also tried to make a snapshot of an AMS AMI, to use it with a different storage type than instance-based, but in that case, it won't start because of the AMS product license as pay-per-use, which won't accept my AMI.


      So my questions are:

      - Will Adobe support AMS if I use a generic CentOS AMI, install AMS on it with a license I would pay? (so no Adobe AMI and no pay-per-use license)?

      - Is it relevant to do so? Won't AWS try to charge me the use o instances even when shut down?


      Thanks in advance for your help.

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          lakhotiaanuj Employee Moderator

          You can purchase an Adobe Media Server license and run the product on a CentOS AMI.  This is similar to running the server on a CentOS Server on your premises.


          AWS does not charges when instances are shut down.


          Could you suggest why you would not use the AMS AMI available on AWS ? It comes with two default EBS Volumes. You can configure them to persist even after the instance is shut down. By default, the primary EBS volume which has AMI related data is terminated . But the secondary EBS volume that has video archives or other video streaming data is persisted.