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    CS5 Extended Batch process not working




      I've some problems with the batch process. I use Photoshop CS5 Extended running on Windows 7.
      I created my script and it works without any problem. All it does is crop, resize, save an image for the web, then close the window.

      Its works fine file by file, but i've got over 1500 files to modify, and I can't afford to do it that way.


      But when i use the batch process, all it does is open all the files in photoshop. It doesn't run the script, I have no error message, nothing happens. (I had some problems with the 1500 windows opening at once too, since they are not closed...)

      Here are the settings I use for the batch process :


      I saw similar questions in the forum : Action using batch processing not working, Batch process not playing actions or saving, but without any solution (and for some reason I didn't see any "answer" button), so I opened a new topic.


      So here is my question : how do i make the batch process working ?


      Help plz


      - Clément.

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          Muppet Mark Level 5

          Best would be to script the whole process.

          Have script loop your 1500 files...?


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            1992clement Level 1

            Okay, looks like I found a way to do it with "File>Script>Image Processor" (I don't run photoshop in its english version so it may not be the exact terms. Sorry for that.)


            But i still would like to know why is the batch process not working ?

            Have script loop your 1500 files...?

            Since the script didn't play, the tabs weren't closed. So it looped as much as it could, but in the end I had a message saying that i had too many tabs opened to continue. Then I created a folder with only 10 images and used the batch on it to test. It looped the 10 images, but didn't play the script.


            Here is the script process :

            > Define selection

            > Crop

            > Exportation (Save for Web)

            > Close


            For the Batch process, i did : (sorry for the trad...)

            > File>Automate>Batch

            > here i selected my script

            > Origin : Folder (selected my folder)

            > Priority on script Instructions "open" :checked and uncheck (tested both)

            > include all sub-folders : unchecked

            > close open-file-option-windows : checked and uncheck (tested both)

            > close color-warning-windows : checked and uncheck (tested both)

            > Destination : folder (selected my folder)

            > Priority on script instruction "save as" : checked and uncheck (tested both)

            > File name : MyFile.extension

            > Error : stop in case of error

            > Ok.

            Then it began opening the tabs.