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    Trying to install LR 5.5 upgrade but missing original serial number


      I recently upgraded to Lightroom 5.5 from LR for PC. I installed the program on my home desk top no problem. When I tried to upgrade my work desk top, I realized the IT guys had "upgraded" my computer and uninstalled Lightroom. When I tried to install LR 5 with the upgrade serial number, it naturally asked me for the original LR 3 serial number, which I cannot find. I recently moved so the disk is packed away somewhere and I can't access it throught he application at home, since it's now upgraded with the new serial number. I have the packaging for my original LR3 but the serial number is not there. It's also not on my Adobe page even though I registered it.  How can I install my upgrade w/o the serial number? Or how do I retrieve this original serial number? Thanks.