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    Massive Complaint !! 1/3 of our frontenders not able to work for TWO WEEKS!

    Mads L

      Dear Adobe,


      Our company was the happy subscribers of CC Team. After changing credit card information, we have not been able to pay for 2/6 of our CC team. 4 users are fine, 2 users say Betaling Påkrævet.


      We have used two weeks, calling every to every second day to your (almost useless) support. Language problems are common, as your supporters are not very good in english.

      All in all we have used about 15 hours (two gull man days) on this one issue, THIS IS ABSOLUTLY UNACCEPTABLE !!!!!!


      The only message we get is "I have escalated the problem, we will get back to you" .. This never happens.


      Case : 0213249067



      How do we fix this ? How do we move on ? Is this a legal matter ?