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    pop up menu

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      I would like to change the background color of only the first link in a pop menu. Is that possible?
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          Without actually seeing your webpage in questionable situation, so I don't know what to say.

          As in changing color using HTML code around Fireworks, I don't think so. You need to use a HTML editing authoring app to change the background color in pop menu. While Fireworks is a web image or web graphic editing application. Although, it can create pop-up menu, but it actually does not produce a HTML. It just loads a pre-scripted html codes somewhere in Fireworks app. It is not really a html editing app, just to clarify.

          Do you have a HTML editing app? If so, what is it? Additionally, do you know or understand how HTML works? Furthermore, your question is actually related to HTML stuff and if you use Dreamweaver, you could post the same question at Dreamweaver General Discussion forum.

          Does that help, no?

          Cheers, Brian
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            Here's my temporary site. I just want the background color within the pop menu to change on the first listed item only. the background is white all listed items, I would like the first item to have a blue background with white text.