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    Upon import, lightroom picks up previous edits of a photo and applies them. Don't know how to undo this


      Im using lightroom 5 on a mac running mavericks and I have decided to import and edit some original photographs i took on a trip to africa a couple of years ago. In other words, these are not the exported edits version. I imported all of the photos and i noticed that quite  few of them picked up edits that I had made to them in a much earlier version of lightroom with what I can only assume to have been a different catalog. Nonetheless lightroom remembers the rather amateurish edits I made a couple of years ago and has applied the. Despite this, when I open a photo in the "develop" module and press "history", all I see is "Import (date, time)". There seems to be no history of edits but lightroom still identifies the photo as having been edited. In the library module for instance, all of these edited photos actually have the little icon in the lower right hand corner of the photos with a + and - signifying that they indeed have been edited.


      I would really like to just be able to import these files (unedited as they are in my finder) and then edit them myself from scratch. But I just can't see to get rid of the edits manually. Any help would be deeply appreciated.