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    Finding Photos in LR and Backup Location


      Hi, I am a MAC user and currently use a Drobo 5D as my backup system. When I import photos, I always import them to my MAC HD and make a second copy to the DROBO. But sometimes my DROBO gets disconnected and it does not backup to that location. Is there an easy way to look in the LR catalogue and see which all locations that particular folder, image, or gallery has been stored so I do not have to go through every folder and make sure it was backed up? I see where I can find where it is on my Hard Drive, but I guess since I am only making a copy to the Drobo it might not show up?


      This is why I am asking. I am running out of space on my MAC and want to delete all the images from 2012 and half of 2013 off my Mac and just keep them on my external drives. But, without going through each folder individually and looking to make sure they are in both places, I am not sure how I would do this. It also makes it really confusing because when I check the files on my DROBO, for some reason back in April, I noticed that it stopped renaming my files (only on the DROBO) it just says files added (then the date) so without opening up every folder, it would be a complete mess!


      I am okay with just backing up my entire system (catalogue and images) that are currently stored on my MAC HD to a New DROBO drive, but I am also not sure how to do that while keeping the cataloguing.


      How does everyone else handle this? I know at some point everyone has to run out of space on their HD.