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    How do I download just the CC app?


      I'm trying to install my CC software on a new computer and its all changed. I tried just downloading LR but that's not like the usual web download and I can't tell what percentage done it is or where it is putting the file. Augh.

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          I went through this and as best I can tell I AM following the steps. Basically I'm trying to download LR. My understanding is that the first thing it will do is download the CC app itself and then the rest flows from there. BUT the problem is that all I have is a web page indicating the LR is downloading now.  And it's been that way for hours. I'm not in a remote location with a dial up modem, I am on high speed internet. Yet it is still downloading now. It does not tell me if it is 2% done or 98% done it just says "downloading" now. It's not putting anything into my Downloads directory so again I have no idea what's going on. Periodically I refresh the screen in case it will update its message. Or maybe I am RE-initiating the download. I have NO IDEA. Is there something actually happening here? Is there any way to tell where I am in this process? It is INCREDIBLY frustrating compared with the old way of doing things which I have used and understood for ages.

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            After much head banging and searching I got to this page: Troubleshoot download and install issues which hinted that perhaps the problem was with Adobe Application Manager (AAM) and that I should disable it. I did this and voila it actually downloaded and let me run the Creative Cloud desktop app installer. Quite quickly too. What a pain!

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              Well yes I downloaded it then I got "error code:50" when trying to install. Look though I would I never found a place where I could find out how to fix this. So I got on live chat and worked through the process and finally got it to install. Here is the edited transcript:


              • Open Task manager, click on Processes tab, click on Show processes from all users, click on description field to arrange all the Processes in Alphabetical order.
                • Close all the Adobe related process like AAMupdater, AAMupdater notifier, Adobe Crash demon process from Task manager.
                • Please also look for process named CoreSync, if present please end the process.
              • Please press Windows+R button together and you will get a run command window, please type-in %temp% and hit enter.
                • Delete all contents present inside temp folder. {Don't worry about any that cannot be deleted because they are in use/open.}
              • Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe.
                • Open Adobe folder and locate the Adobe Creative Cloud folder
                • Rename Adobe Creative Cloud folder to Adobe Creative Cloud-old.
              • Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common files\Adobe.
                • Open Adobe folder and rename OOBE, AdobeApplicationManager folders to OOBE-old and AdobeApplicationManager-old.
              • Press Windows+R buttons together and you will get a run command window.
                • Type in "appdata" and hit 'Enter' key.
                • Then navigate to Local>Adobe.
                • Open Adobe folder and rename AAMUpdater and OOBE folders to AAMUpdater-old and OOBE-old.
              • Click the link for Adobe Cleaner tool, please download the Adobe Cleaner Tool and run it.
              • Click on the below link and download Creative Cloud installer file and install the same by double clicking on it.