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    How can I create template documents for non-InDesign users to edit the text of later?


      I'm looking to produce a small system for people within my company to edit and print labels as needed that comply with our internal design standards. I would like to use InDesign to produce a few templates for labels that people could then edit one or two fields later on, things like item name and ID number. I'm not averse to producing a small application in XCode that users can start up, enter their data and it saves the printer-ready label sheet to their desktop. I started out using Acrobat Pro, but I'm running into trouble embedding fonts for use in form fields, centering text, and outputting a filled-in pdf for print use, and not a form that submits info to an email or server. If InDesign is the wrong tool for the job of setting up a template like this, please feel free to suggest another route.