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    Running header to change within chapter

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      for a book I have some special requirements for the running header.

      1. I would like to change the running header within a chapter (several times) to wordings which do not appear in the text. In windows word one can define text markers with an alternative text together with section breaks. They are applied by the user and that text can be used for the running header.  It moves along as more text is typed in. Is there anything similar in indesign6 (I use a primary text frame)?
      2. The first page of a chapter is supposed to not having a running header. I created a separate master page and applied it to all pages with a chapter start. However, if text is added to the chapter before and the text frame jumps to a new page then that missing running header is not being moved along with the chapter heading (paragraph style). Is there an alternative?




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          TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          For question (1), the best you can do I think is to write the text you

          need at the end of a paragraph, or something, and make it transparent,

          and very small. Perhaps writing it in a text frame which you then attach

          as an anchored object would work too, I haven't tried. Another thing I

          haven't tried is to add your text as "conditional text", and hide the

          condition. But I suspect that the running header wouldn't pick up on

          hidden conditional text. Again, I haven't checked.


          For question (2), if you separate each chapter into a separate story,

          then the master page for the chapter openings won't move by itself. But

          it does mean that if you make edits, you may end up with overset text at

          the end of the chapter, which you will then have to deal with manually.

          If that is happening a lot, you may want to consider switching on Smart

          Text Reflow in Preferences (but use with care).


          Alternatively, if you do not want to split your document in separate

          stories, and you want your master pages to be linked automatically to

          paragraph styles in your document (each Master A = Chapter Heading

          paragraph style, etc.) you can try out the Mastermatic script, which

          allows you to link paragraph styles and object styles to master pages.

          You can also set it to update automatically:


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            Robert Sinclair

            1) Right-click a page (in the pages palette) and select "Numbering & Section Options..."  There, you can check the "Start Section" box and input text into the "Section Marker" field.  On your master page (containing the running header), you insert the "Section Marker" special character, just as you would the "Current Page Number."


            2) I believe the best solution is to manually add 2 pages to the end of the chapter you're adding text to, then re-flow the text onto the new pages.

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              adobaen Level 1

              Sorry for the late response but my PC was for repair (which luckily was successful...).


              (1) Bot solutions don't really work for me.

              @Ariel: I would need to add such a text along with each paragraph on all pages the header text does apply for since otherwise the running header does appear only on that page where the heading text is provided (once). Apart from that it would be a possible solution because the heading moves along with the paragraph.

              @Robert: That solution is smart. However, it applies for the whole page but should apply only from certain paragraph within a page onwards. The header text should move along with the text and not be anchored to the page.


              Is there anything else I could do on that?


              (2) is solved. Thanks Ariel.

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                adobaen Level 1

                I contacted Adobe support and I was informed that Indesign cannot handle point (1) - Microsoft Word can

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  Nonsense. I do this all the time by adding a non-printing frame with the correct text at the point I want the running header to change.