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    How do you replace a page in a tagged PDF file without losing the tags and reading order?

    PrairieGirl2 Level 1

      I made a PDF from a four-page InDesign CS6 (version 8.0) document on the Mac (10.9.3), opened the PDF in Acrobat X (Version 10.1.1), tagged and set up the reading order, and ran an Accessibility check. It came back from the client with their changes. I updated the InDesign file with their edits, and exported it as a PDF. Then I went to Tools > Pages > Replace to insert the new pages. But now all of my tagging and reading order setup is completely gone - vanished! I use Replace Pages a lot on plain, static PDFs and also on PDF forms with no problems. Have been looking everywhere for a solution or work-around. If anyone can help, please let me know. Thanks!