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    Unwanted side head formatting in text frames

    Perennial Writer

      In my document, I use many text frames within anchored frames.  Without my knowledge of having done anything, all of my text frames now have side heads within them.  So all of the text that I entered has disappeared.  See example below.

        Callout text disappears.png

      I can see it if I stretch the text frame large enough.  See below:

      Text Frames disappearing.png

      Now, when I create new text frames with text within them, they look fine.  They maintain their proper formatting.  But all of the ones created before a few days ago look like above.

      In addition, the footer changed formatting w/o my doing anything.  The left side of the footer moved in to the left to the column margin, as if there was supposed to be a side head in the formatting of the footer text box.  I imported page formatting from another document and this problem corrected itself.

      Thank you.