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    How to get Camera Raw 6.7 to work in Bridge CS5?


      I've read past posts about the ways to fix this problem, but they don't work for me.  I'm using a pc with windows 8.1.  I've downloaded and installed Camera Raw 6.7 update and when I select "Help, Update" in Bridge, it says I have the latest updates installed..

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In what way is ACR not working in Bridge?  Is there no right-click Open in Camera Raw available from Bridge, or there is, but the ACR version is less than ACR 6.7.1 or what exactly is the issue? 


          Also, if you open Photoshop and do Help / About Plug-ins / Camera Raw, is ACR missing from the list, or if not, what version does it say is installed?


          You might also want to describe what methods you have tried to correct the issue, since saying you've tried what you've seen posted and they didn't work, isn't really much to go on.