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    PRORES - tossing files back and forth between PC and Mac


      Hey guys,


      So I just shot a film using BMCC and 5D. We shot Prores on the BMCC. We have access to powerful Macs at work on the weekends and weeknights.


      We are 3 months into the edit and due to some budget stuff, we are looking into building a powerful VFX PC.


      We have been editing in FCP7 (I know) and we will be doing a great deal of After Effects work and finishing the color via Resolve.


      Basically we want to know if it's possible to do some of the heavy effects work on the PC without causing a nightmare on the Mac side of things. So let's say we send some PRORES files to the PC. As I understand, it's not a big deal to mess with those files in After Effects, the limitation is that we can not export as PRORES while using a PC. So our thought process is that we'd be able to do the work in After Effects on the PC, and then set up renders using that project file on one of our Macs for overnight renders to PRORES.


      This sounds insane, but we need to be able to do some of this effects work at home and can not afford to purchase a Mac powerful enough to keep up with the work we will be doing.


      Anybody out there dealt with anything like this?

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          There's some sort of third-party application that says it can encode to ProRes on a Windows box.  I've never used it, and I can't vouch for it.




          AE can also render to two lossless Quicktime codecs:  PNG and Animation.  Both work fine.  As a guy who used to cut in FCP on a Mac, and often take files home for AE work on a Windows box, I most certainly can vouch for this workflow.


          I'm sure there are other good workflows, too.