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    camera raw update failed


      I just got a new Canon 6d and shot in RAW. The raw files won't preview or open in Bridge and Photoshop CS6 (I am running it on Vista). I looked into the problem and realized I needed to update Camera Raw since I was running 7.0. So I went in Bridge and did Help > Updates and updated Camera Raw as well as Bridge and Photoshop. Adobe Applications Manager said the update was successful, but when I opened Bridge up again it still is using Camera Raw 7.0 and I still can't see my files.

      I tried updating Adobe Applications Manager just in case that was the problem, but that didn't solve anything. Anytime I open AAM it doesn't say there are any new updates even though Bridge is still running Camera Raw 7.0. I tired manually updating Camera Raw with what I presume is the 8.3 update in the Files Format folder with the Camera Raw.8bi file (because I know 8.4 won't work on Vista).  Yet Still when I open up Photoshop or Bridge Camera Raw is still at 7.0.


      I am very frustrated since I have 1200 wedding photos to churn out and have already wasted 3 hours looking into and trouble shooting different problems. I would greatly appreciate any help to solve this problem as quickly as possible because right now I am at loose ends on what to do to solve it myself.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          update directly, Product updates

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            aubieg Level 1

            When I clicked on the Camera Raw link it only had up to Camera Raw 7.1 and the rest were DNG converter. I have been under the impression that there is a Camera Raw 7.3. Is that true or is there only a DNG Converter 7.3?


            If there is a Camera Raw 7.3 not DNG Converter that is what I would prefer to use since I want to edit my raw files not go through the converter.

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              There are Camera Raw updates all the way up to version 8.5, which all have compatible versions for Photoshop CS6. Adobe changed their update process and no longer seem to post the Camera Raw plug-in separately. In Photoshop itself, if you go to Help/Updates, that "should" enable you to update to the latest version of Camera Raw. Apparently there are links that will get you directly to Camera Raw, but I don't have them because I have never needed them. I'm using Photoshop CS6, and when I last updated as I have explained my Camera Raw was updated to version 8.5.

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                aubieg Level 1

                Thank you for the quick response KGLAD Although the link you provided did not help me directly I am sure it will help someone else. I was doing a bit more research and this post is what helped me resolve my issue. Hopefully it helps anyone else out there who might have the same issue.

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                  aubieg Level 1

                  Thank you for trying to help me out. I just saw your post now!