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    Elements 12 movie/disk menus


      I'm so disappointed there is no predesigned movie/disk menu for the Retro TV theme.  Second best, would be to have a blank menu available to add all your own pictures but I don't see that either.  What's my best option for making the movie and menu cohesive?


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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Do you presently have a version of Premiere Elements that does include the Retro TV theme?


          Do you have Photoshop CS or higher?


          Are you aware of the disc menu customizations that are available in the Movie Menu section of Premiere Elements 12?

          Following is applicable to 12 as well as 11.

          Adobe Premiere Elements 11 * Creating disc menus

          (By the way, what computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 12 running on?)


          Could you elaborate on

          What's my best option for making the movie and menu cohesive


          What is your envisioned disc menu strategy for the viewer?


          With answers to the above I can customize my reply to what you seek. I have several very detailed how to blog posts on

          customizing Adobe existing disc menus.


          We will be watching for your reply.


          Thank you.



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            Seattleite499 Level 1


            I'm using Premier Elements (and Photoshop Elements) 12 on a PC with Windows 7.  Yes, my version has the Retro TV theme in the Titles  & Text section, that's why I was surprised that there was not an associated Movie Menu.  I successfully created another movie using the Fun theme with it's movie menu, and animated buttons, then burned it to a DVD; I'd like to do the same with the Retro TV theme.  Using the link you provided I went through the exercise to download the online disk menu templates, but there were no new templates from what I already had.  I had some success taking a snapshot of the Retro TV blank Title page and inserted it onto the Faux Wide Screen movie menu, but it's not perfect. If that's my best option then I'll continue down that path and make it look as best I can.  Thanks for your help.

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              Thanks for the update.


              Trying to get a copy of the Retro TV main menu and scene menu graphics files is a good idea and one I would pursue if you do not have Premiere Elements 8.0/8.0.1 or any other version of Premiere Elements that comes with the Retro TV disc menu theme. In that case, we could "borrow" it from your 8.0/8.0.1 and place it in the correct hard drive location so that Premiere Elements 12 could utilize it.


              But, I have an idea - either great or not so great - to create a Retro TV disc menu that you can use in 12. I will test the idea in the next few hours and let you know the results.



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                Seattleite499 Level 1

                I haven't used Premier Elements until now so I don't have v8.  I was able to get a snapshot of the title page and then using the Faux Widescreen movie menu, uploaded the picture into the area for adding your own media. I changed the fonts to match the Retro TV so it looks pretty good. I found the blog from March on how to do a full screen replacement on the Faux Widescreen disk menu but haven't tried it yet.  Wondering how your idea is coming along and if it might be easier than going through the process to get the picture to full screen.  Thank you.

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                  Right now your thoughts for a Retro TV look customized into a Premiere Elements 12 disc menu are similar to mine and seem reasonable.


                  Adobe offers the Content for some earlier versions of Premiere Elements online (free), included is the Content (plus Retro TV disc menu theme files) for Premiere Elements 8. I am trying  to determine if the Content is for only owners of the particular programs. If open files, then can they we used in Premiere Elements 12?


                  More later.



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                    Adobe still offers Content download for its Premiere Elements 7, 8, 9, and 10. I have described how that is done with the end result being an automatic install of the Content into its correct computer hard drive location on your computer for the version that you have.

                    ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE 7, 8, 9,10: Content Download

                    So, the classical view is that you have purchased one of these versions and are downloading and installing this Content to whichever of these versions you have.


                    You can also download this Content to be saved to your computer and later installed using a setup.exe that is included in the download. When you choose this route, you find out that you must have installed on your computer the version of Premiere Elements corresponding to the version specific Content.


                    However, it is technically possible (without too much trouble) to obtain a Retro TV disc menu from this same Premiere Elements 8 Content download and install it in Premiere Elements 12. But, at this point, I cannot endorse it without input from Adobe. In one sense, I read this as OK  only if you have purchased version 8. I am still reading through the Adobe General Terms of Use referenced at the bottom of the web page for the Content downloads.




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                      Seattleite499 Level 1

                      At this point I'm not willing to buy Premier Elements 8 just to get the disc menu for this one theme and as you said, these downloads require purchase of the product.  I did try the download since I have the trial version of v8 installed, from when I purchased Photoshop 8, but it didn't work.  I'll just try to make the snapshot of the Retro TV title page work on the Faux Widescreen disk menu.  It's just too bad that in v12, there isn't a disc menu for each theme. Thanks for all your help and research, I do appreciate it!