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    What does this script do?

    npo rule
      Hi i was given this script from another answer but i dont understand what part of it does.

      if (gPoints > value(member("points1", 1).text) )

      In this line after "points1" what does the 1 do?

      I dont know wether i need this in my script or not.

      Here is a link to the post where i got the answer which may help you anser this quesion:

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          Hi there, the 1 refers to the cast library that member "points1" belongs to.

          So ...
          put member("points1",1).text

          returns the text string contained in the cast member called "points1" that
          resides in cast number 1, the first cast of the movie.

          If the first cast is named internal, you could also put this instead of a
          numeric cast reference...
          put member("points1","internal").text


          Richard Smith