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    My Future as a single owner with Adobe Phtoshop ???

    mapyron@att.net Level 1

      I have used Adobe Photoshop for many years. I do have a subscription to the desktop application. It seems that the updates and things are more toward marketing, rather than "hobby/small business-type" upgrades. I am not into Marketing. Will Adobe ever sell a disk program again?? The 2014 was a shock to me, and confusing, and time consuming because I had set up for PS CC. It does work better on a 64-bit computer--I admit that and that was a good thing. But I am wondering about updates in the future--and the hardware that will be required. Right now my computer is mainly dedicated to the Cloud programs that I have...but what about FUTURE releases ??


      Mainly the question is what is my future with Photoshop ?? Will they ever sell disk programs again ?? I do have CS 5... Will 5 or 6 be as high as an individual can go ??