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    Feature Request: Include TIMELINE LABELS in the new interactive code editor of Edge Animate CC (20xx)


      If I'm using the new interactive code editor and I select:


      PlayBack --> Play From --> SomeSymbol -->


      ...in the next right-most panel I am presented with a list of the symbols on the Stage of SomeSymbol, which is helpful, but this implementation is incomplete as it does not include the TIMELINE LABELS I've created for various points on the main timeline for SomeSymbol. The auto-generated code comments know this, as they read:


      // Play the timeline at a label or specific time. For example:

      // sym.play(500); or sym.play("myLabel")




      I hope a not-too-distant release will make our timeline labels, in any symbol at all levels of a composition, available to us in the interactive code editor. Thank you!



      Christine Bush