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    Why is "edit in Audition" greyed out in Premiere Pro and After Effects?


      Since the CC 2014 launch, the option in in Premiere Pro and After Effects to "edit in Audition" is greyed out. Right-clicking a clip in Premiere Pro doesn't have an option for Audition. I cannot send my compositions, sequences or clips to Audition for audio editing. I contacted an Adobe Support personnel earlier this evening. They suggested to go into my Mac's System Preferences and enable a root user, log out of my account, log into the root user, shut down and boot up into safe mode. None of these scenarios worked. It is still greyed out, in both user accounts.


      Is this a known issue? I even uninstalled and reinstalled Audition. Still nothing. All my Adobe apps are updated. My Mac is updated. Again, never had this issue before.


      I'd appreciate any assistance!


      Thank you!



      Evan Lockhart