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    Why is "edit in Audition" greyed out in Premiere Pro and After Effects?

    thehartlocker Level 1

      Since the CC 2014 launch, the option in in Premiere Pro and After Effects to "edit in Audition" is greyed out. Right-clicking a clip in Premiere Pro doesn't have an option for Audition. I cannot send my compositions, sequences or clips to Audition for audio editing. I contacted an Adobe Support personnel earlier this evening. They suggested to go into my Mac's System Preferences and enable a root user, log out of my account, log into the root user, shut down and boot up into safe mode. None of these scenarios worked. It is still greyed out, in both user accounts.


      Is this a known issue? I even uninstalled and reinstalled Audition. Still nothing. All my Adobe apps are updated. My Mac is updated. Again, never had this issue before.


      I'd appreciate any assistance!


      Thank you!



      Evan Lockhart

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          Luis Bechtold Level 1

          I'm having the similiar problem, but using the new CC release 2014  in my pc windows 8.1.
          the option "edit on audition" is able to use, but after clicking, just extracted to new the audio in premiere, but didn't open the audition app... 

          it was workingk perfect for me the workflow PR > AU before update to the new release !

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            JimCom12 Level 1

            I may have an answer for you, but not sure if my resolution will work for Macs.


            First, here's my system and initial info. I'm using a work computer, operating system is Windows 7. I just upgraded to Adobe CC 2014 about a week ago, and I also uninstalled the previous versions of all my Creative Cloud programs after installing the new versions (CC 2014 doesn't just update the previous version, it installs a new program and doesn't automatically uninstall the previous CC programs). Not sure if the uninstall is necessary, for this resolution to work.


            Anyway, after I installed Premiere Pro CC 2014 and Audition CC 2014, the Edit Clip in Adobe Audition command was available from the Edit menu in the Menu bar, but was disabled in the right-click menu for the sequence (for the right-click menu, it was visible, but greyed out and disabled). When I tried to use the command from the Edit menu in the Menu bar, it gave me a dialog box to fill out and it created a new folder (titled "Adobe Audition Interchange"). So, the command, when selected from the "Edit menu" obviously uses a different process than the command from the right-click menu. Anyway, I didn't want a new folder created or to fill out a dialog box, I just wanted it to behave like it used to. Basically, when I right-click the sequence and select Edit Clip in Adobe Audition from the right-click menu, it just opens Audition and the audio waveform is visible.


            I was able to resolve this and get the right-click command working by reading a couple of articles on this same issue from Adobe CC (not CC 2014) and using those to figure out how to fix this in Adobe CC 2014.


            Here's what I did:


            • I had to locate my .sesx files in my system. They are NOT in the same location as they were for the previous version of CC (at least, they weren't for me). I had to use the Search command and look for .sesx extensions to locate them.
            • Found them under the path C:>Users>Public>Public Documents>Adobe>Audition>7.0>Session Templates. Note that (for me), there was a folder titled 6.0 on the same level as the 7.0 folder. I selected the 7.0 folder as that folder contained the most recent set of .sesx files. I checked the 6.0 folder and those were the .sesx files from the previous version, so I deleted that folder just as a clean-up step.
            • I right-clicked on one of the .sesx files in the Session Templates folder and then selected Open with from the right-click menu. The Open with dialog box displays and provides a list of programs.
            • I selected Adobe Audition CC 2014 from the list of programs (you may have to browse to find it) and then selected Always use the selected program to open this kind of file. I then clicked OK to submit the configuration command and close the Open with dialog box.
            • I restarted Premiere Pro CC 2014 and the Edit Clip In Adobe Audition command was now enabled on the right-click menu and was working properly.
            • I wept with joy..... OK, not really, but I'm always irritated at ridiculous regression errors and a lack of thorough testing of new software versions, so I am happy to resolve frustrating issues.


            Don't know if this will help you, or if you already resolved your issue. Either way, good luck!


            ~ Jim

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              mr paprika Level 1

              I had the same issue in MacOsx with CC 2014.  I found the .sesx files in Users>Shared>Adobe>Audition>7.0 and double clicked on one of them.  It opened no problem in Audition.  I then quit from Audition and Premiere Pro, and restarted Premiere Pro.  When I cntrl-clicked one of my clips in the timeline, the menu option Edit Clip in Adobe Audition was then visible.

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                BartonGarrett256 Level 2

                Thanks Jim! 

                Your our response was perfect- I had tried other things suggested in other threads, but nothing worked until I searched for .sesx files, found one then set Audition as the default.  Bingo! 


                On one of the other threads the orginal poster politely complied to the staff request for everything this side of his shoe size, only to get a suggestion not too far from- if your dishwasher won't run yank it out, burn the house down, rebuild the house then reinstall the dishwasher. 


                AS someone else in that thread said- if you were Nicole Kidman I'd kiss ya!

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                  Mitch Drummond Level 1

                  I tried to do just that:  check the file associations and make sure Audition CC 14 was set as the default program for *.sesx files.


                  Still no luck, the [Right Click[ menu in Premiere CC 14 still has the [Edit Clip in Audition] greyed out.


                  Anyone got any more ideas pretty please ?  This used to work fine in the previous version

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                    BartonGarrett256 Level 2

                    Associating sesx files with Audition did the trick for me, I'm now working on a project with horrible sound so I'm in and out of Audition constantly. It's so sweet to hit save in Audition and see the clip instantly update in Premiere, the link is now seamless.

                    I am on Windows 7. I just searched for .sesx and it pulled up files, I tried to open one, it  wouldn't. From there I got to the screen where I set Audition as a default.  If you can open any .sesx file and still can't link there are a few other threads discussing this, with other suggestions, some were pretty drastic.  Good luck!

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                      Mitch Drummond Level 1

                      the only solution for me was to uninstall Audition, reboot , shutdown reboot then reinstall Audition.  Something must have been broken somewhere as it now works as it should.

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                        ryclark Level 5

                        I think that it can depend on what order Audition and Premiere are installed in. It may be that if Audition isn't installed until after Premiere that Premiere doesn't make the link.