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    Epub and Postscript Exporting Problems

    Michael Farnbach



      I'm in the process of trying to export a publication from InDesign as an .epub file, and am having problems with the fonts and horizontal lines (paragraph rules) not showing up.


      How can I alleviate this? Are there any type of fonts that are preferred and work well for both the Kindle Paperwhite, Fire and iPad?


      The font that I'm using is Stone Serif and Stone Sans.




      Michael Farnbach

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I've moved your file to the InDesign EPUB forum.

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            Please tell us several informations:

            1. Which InDesign Version and dot version are you using? It is important, because each version has different EPUB export possiblites.
            2. To what standard do you export ? EPUB 2.1, EPUB 3.0 Flowing Layout, EPUB 3.0 Fixed Layout? Only 3.0 FXL will support Paragraph Rules, all others are ignoring them.
            3. With which program and version do you view your EPUBs? Each program supports only a sub selection of the EPUB standard and shows it quite different.
            4. On which device do you open your EPUBs. They look quite different on each device.
            5. Did you set up your publication with Paragraph and Character Styles?
            6. Did you use embeddable fonts? Which font? (You wrote Stone Serif/Sans, which type are they OTF or TTF or T1, are they allowed to be embedded?)
            7. Did you include tag specifications in your styles?
            8. Are you specifying a CSS which you are including into your EPUB?
            9. Do you work with empty paragraphs to create space between 2 paragraphs? Don't!


            You mention in your headline PostScript. But I don't see any mention in the question. Are you aware that you should not use PostScript with InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop? Avoid it as far as possible, no EPS, no PostScript, no Distiller.