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    Help- files were removed from catalog when I deleted some pictures

    t.ocallag Level 1

      I have LR 5.5 (just upgraded a few days ago).

      I was choosing which of my daughter's graduation pictures to keep...I marked the ones to delete with a rating of 1.

      I them filtered on rating=1 and selected the pictures and said to delete from catalog and disk.


      When that was done....ALL of my daughters pictures from that day were gone from the catalog.

      I checked the recycle bin and the ones I selected to delete were there.... however the pictures that I did not select to delete were not in catalog.

      they WERE on disk ...but even though I selected all pictures with no filtering the good pictures would NOT show up.

      I was freaking out.

      I closed LR5.5 and when I relaunched the pictures were there....

      THIS IS A BUG and an ugly one at that.....


      Adobe PLEASE FIX !!!

      also...is there any log files to review what files Lightroom deleted or did things to ?