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    restrict ,.(comma) for multiple numericstepper in a page




      i am trying to restrict ,.(comma) in numericstepper , i am bale to achieve it by using


      <s:NumericStepper id="datastoreCountInput" fontWeight="normal" creationComplete="validateTxtInput()" ..............  />


      my validate function is


      private function validateTxtInput():void {

        datastoreCountInput.textDisplay.restrict ='0-9';



      my question is i have multiple NumericStepper in my page i wanted to use the same function for all of them . so i wanted to pass the current NumericStepper  object/id to the function.

      so that i can use the object in place of datastoreCountInput and restrict teh input value. As i am new to flex . looking for help here.


      Thanks in advance

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          sana12_khan Level 1

          can someone please replay to this

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            sana12_khan Level 1

            ok i figured it out , below is the code if anyone else is looking for it (but you need to have default value set if user left blank )

            In my case it will be always default value will be 1 if it is blank , so it works


            <?xml version="1.0"?>

            <!-- validators\ReusableValsSpecifySource.mxml -->

            <s:Application xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009"










              import flash.events.Event;

              private static const DEFAULT_SNAP_WARNING_PERCENT:String = '0-9';




              private function validateTxtInput(eventObj:Event):void {


              eventObj.currentTarget.textDisplay.restrict = DEFAULT_SNAP_WARNING_PERCENT;



              private function numericStepperParserMin1(value:String):Number {

              return !value ? 1 : Number(value);  







              <s:HGroup verticalAlign="middle" fontWeight="normal">

              <s:NumericStepper id="snapReserveInput" width="68" creationComplete="validateTxtInput(event)"

               minimum="0" maximum="9999" snapInterval="1" maxChars="4" />

              <s:Label text="testing"/>


              <s:HGroup verticalAlign="middle" fontWeight="normal">

              <s:NumericStepper id="snapReserveInput1" width="68" creationComplete="validateTxtInput(event)"


               minimum="0" maximum="9999" snapInterval="1" maxChars="4" />

              <s:Label text="testing1"/>