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    Connectng to my site?

    Mike LaPorte
      I am a total noob at web design, but I want to get better. Here is my dilemma, I have designed and maintained my photography website using Microsoft Front Page, and though it is not the best, it has worked for me. I have since switched to Mac computers, and I no longer have the option of using Front Page, so I am looking for a replacement program. I have looked at several, Contribute, and GoLive both look promising to me, so I downloaded a trial copy of Contribute first (as it is cheaper). When I used to "log in" to my site to change something, I would open FP, it would ask me for my sites URL, www.perfect-pix.biz then it would ask me for a username and password, once I entered that information, I was free to make changes as needed. Well Contribute does not follow that process, it asks for how I connect, FTP, SFTP, webDev, or local network, none of those options seem correct to me.

      So how do I connect?

      Thanks for taking the time to help a noobie!