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    Dreamweaver CC 2014 hang / crashes after closing

    Frank Schuermann

      I cant close Dreamweaver CC 2014. Whenever I try to close the programm the Dreamweaver-Screen was frozen and the programm crashed. I have to quit it than by killing the task.

      I had similar problems with Indesign CC 2014. I also cant close that programm and have still the same problems.


      I tried to reinstall - but it doesnt help.


      Windows 7 64 Bit, Nvidia Graphic Card (newest offivial driver) Geforce GTX 660, 16 GB Ram, Intel i7


      The "older" CC-Versions worked perfect! All the trouble starts with the "CC 2014"-Versions.


      Thanks for help and ideas.


      Greetings, FRank