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    Text etched out of historical document, I need help re-exposing the ink. Some areas have been written over.

    Macroscopic Solutions

      I have a really interesting dilemma that I really need some assistance with.


      I took a 8 panoramic photographs of 8 individual lines of text and I need some help to re-expose the old words.


      The images can be downloaded from my flickr album.


      The photos I have posted show written text from an 18th century MIT professor's journal. The professor was fired and historians would like to know why. The only problem is... the professor had etched out crucial words/names to keep us from knowing what was originally written. In some cases, he etched out old words and rewrote newer words in there place.


      Please download and play with the image and let me know if you have been successful. -or- let me know what I have to do to pull out the ink.


      Thank you all so much!