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    Need help with QuizTrack and Actionscript

      Hi all.

      I need help in Flash (w/Actionscript) and would appreciate any feedback! :)

      I used the Quiz Template in Flash 8 to design a trivia game (10 questions asked each round from a bank of 100 random questions)---things are all working great BUT, at the end, I have a "space dollar" and the score comes up with a percentage sign next to it (I just want the number so that it would be "10 space dollars", etc. depending on what their score is w/no percentage sign after it). Sooo, how do you set the score to show up at the end results with no percentage sign?

      when I select the score number, in the properties box in the "var:" box there is:


      I know this is where it needs to be changed BUT I don't know what to type in here (I'm not great at actionscript yet..sigghhh..still learning)---you'd think this would be easy but, unfortunately, it is nowhere to be found in any of my Flash books (and I even have an eLearning with Flash book which covers this but no luck there!!)

      a programmer friend of mine suggested I put (in the variable box): "Money=(QuizTrack.total_correct/10)*100" in the box but that didn't work (and he hasn't worked in Flash for awhile so admitted it might not be the right way to go)

      here is a screen shot (showing the percentage sign that I don't want in there..I just want it to say "30")

      Screen shot

      Would appreciate ANY help on what I can try to put in that var: box! ((thanks!)) :)