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    Photoshop CC keyboard shortcuts won't work until you click out of the UI?


      So I've been holding off on CC (for many reasons), but have been a long time user of every preceding version of Photoshop (starting with version 3). Like many users, most of my actions are done through keyboard shortcuts, with minimal use of the GUI unless absolutely necessary. I'm at the point where I've been appointed to test out the trial of CC for our company before they upgrade, and I'm finding some odd things that I wanted to make sure I was experiencing correctly. Most notably for me is the issue of the menus not releasing the cursor back to the image after making an adjustment.

      For instance... In Adobe Photoshop CS6, if I was going to do a quick, basic, down-and-dirty vignette, I'd hit "M", then either grab a tool preset or for this situation type in 500px in my feathering box, then click-and-drag out my marquee around the entire frame, hit "CTRL+SHIFT+I" to invert, hit "G" for my paint bucket, and then fill, deselect, and adjust my blending mode (I know I could do it with a straight layer fill, but that dialog box slows me down), done.

      In CC however, after typing in my value (ex. 500px), I draw out my marquee and invert, but as soon as I want to use a keyboard shortcut that requires only a single letter, it won't release from the input box and I end up with "50ggggggggggggg0 px" Is there something I'm missing in the preferences for this? I thought it may be the new device that I'm testing it out on (HP Revolve "Laplet"), so I tried the same exact situation on the same machine with CS6, and it's just like it's always been. A similar situation happens when adjusting blending modes too. Once one is chosen, I must click back with intent to edit before I can use any keyboard shortcut. It seems with each new version, we get something a little more buggy/odd/omitted from the version prior, but is this on purpose, or is there a fix I can apply?


      Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me. Right now, though... things aren't looking good for CC for me!