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    problem with dashed line spacing when printing to pdf


      Hi all,


      this may be a problem with my pdf program (I use bluebeam), but maybe someone will have an idea how to fix it whether in indesign or bluebeam.


      so I made a dashed line using the stroke command in indesign. I need to have the spacing set to 3pt dash and 2pt space. I also need to keep the lineweight to 0.5...this all works fine and appears correctly in indesign when I preview


      the problem is that some of the dashed lines, but not all of them, change size and spacing in the pdf when I view it. it seems to change when I zoom in and out as well. I thought maybe this was just some odd feature with bluebeam and it would still print to the correct size, but it does not, it prints the lines as different sizes. does anyone have an idea why this happens and how to fix? ive viewed and printed from adobe reader and it seems to be okay there but this file will be accessed by multiple other people and they may not be opening and printing in adobe reader..


      thanks guys