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    Most Efficient Method to Add Gaussian Blur to Background of Two Person Interview

    RobSher1 Level 1

      I have MXF clips of a two person interview with a forest setting behind the two subjects. I want to add a Gaussian Blur to the background between the two people who are sitting and separated by about 6 inches. I would be able to do this now in PR 2014, except tracking masks aren't working as there appears to be a bug. I've never used AE and did look at Mocha as a possible tracking method. The manual talks about using a compressed JPG sequence and then use your original footage when you apply the data. This sounds like the way to go, but I don't know how to apply the data to the original footage. I know how to apply a blur and a simple tracking mask in AE, but it doesn't track the outline of the person and blurs the second person. If PR mask tracking worked, I would duplicate the layer and add a garbage mask that would cut off the other person in each of the two layers.


      I'm planning to learn AE, but have a deadline this week to get this infomercial delivered to the customer. So, detailed instructions would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks, Rob