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    How to save a premiere video to flv under 1.7 MB


      I am trying to save a video I cut to a .flv file for website display. It needs to be under 1.7MB per the website. It's only a :22 video. I tried submitting it and the website folks came back and said they couldn't even open the file. I hit "Export" in premiere then choose .FLV format and then choose the smallest "web" option there is. It still comes out as 3MB. The people I have to submit it to said they can only accept shockwave or flash files under 1.7MB. Why can't they open my FLV file and HOW do I save this video to be smaller??

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          What version of Premiere Elements are you using? Is the Premiere to which you refer Premiere Pro and not Premiere Elements?


          And what is that :22

          seconds, frames, other?


          What are the video upload requirements of this web site to which you want to upload your video - just FLV and 1.7 MB or less file size? No requirements for anything else?


          Let us start here and then we can decide where we are and what can be done for what you seek.


          Thank you.




          Add On...if Premiere Elements is your program, do not forget the background information on your Premiere Elements project, such as

          Project preset

          Properties of Source Media

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            jlawlor1064 Level 1

            Yes its 22-seconds and I am using Premiere Pro. The only requirements I was given was that the video had to be less than 1.7MB and in either flash or shockwave format.

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              Thanks for the reply. You posted in the wrong forum. You arrived in the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum instead of the Adobe Premiere Pro Forum.


              I do not use Premiere Pro. I am assuming that the Adobe Flash Video offerings in Premiere Pro are similar if not the same as those in Premiere Elements. But, you would be best served by posting your question at the Adobe Premiere Pro Forum. The following is the link for it

              Premiere Pro CC

              You can do that or wait for a moderator here to see you thread and move it from here to there.


              Going on the Premiere Elements model, you should explore lowering the bitrate under the Advanced Button of the preset, trying to arrive at a compromise between lowered bitrate and quality as you lower the file size. If you are using the FLV lowest resolution, you are already compromising with the very low resolution associated with that choice (probably 368 x 272 pixels). From what I can see in Premiere Elements, there is only one video codec for the .flv file, that is, On2 VP6. I do not know if Premiere Pro offers choice of video codec for the .flv export.


              We will be watching for your progress.


              Thank you.