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    Request: Hide generated color definitions

    asloan Level 1

      I'm updating FrameMaker templates to reflect changes to my company's color palette as part of a rebranding initiative. My documents are full of overlapping conditions which means that each document's color definitions window is cluttered with dozens of "fm_gen_nnn" color definitions. It's not possible to permanently eliminate these junk color definitions because if you save as MIF, strip them out, and then reopen the file, there they are again because of the conditional text.


      Request: please *hide* all these "fm_gen_nnn" color definitions in the color definitions window. They are of no use to anyone, and they make it hard to use the window.

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          I just upgraded to Fm12 and those rotten things are clogging up my color-name list. I can't even scroll past them!


          The name drop-down list is exceptionally cumbersome to being with. I'd rather have a window with a table layout where I can see more than one confounded color at a time.


          The Annoyance Index on this has surpassed Microsoft Word's sadistic auto-numbering feature, and that's a HIGH bar to clear!