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    AE CS6, ray tracing with K2100M on a precision M4800



      I work with after effects CS6, using a mobile workstation precision M4800 with QuadHD Display and a quadro card K2100M


      The K200M GPU is supported for the acceleration of the ray-traced renderer, in K2100M I'm not sure.


      in settings I get the following message:
      GPU unavailable, incompatible devices or display driver.

      I have installed the latest WHQL driver.

      or do I need a special Cuda driver from nvidia like this one:

      CUDA Downloads

      The QHD display + of this precision is great and the i7-4930MX is strong enough, but ray tracing with GPU should be better.

      Can someone help me?

      I'm disappointed because I thought ray tracing with GPU works with a K2100M quadro card.

      The K2100M is much faster than the K2000M and should work.

      Best regards from Germany, Götz