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    standard shortcut for "flow" does not work anymore


      Hi there :-)


      The standard shortcut for setting the flow of a brush or stamp does not work anymore. When using shift + 0-9 nothing happens. It works correctly for the opacity when I use 0-9.

      When I turn on the airbrush-mode it's not switching the commands entirely... Flow is still not settable with 0-9 but opacity cannot be set either by shift + 0-9.


      I can access the opacity by hitting "enter" and then use the tab to switch to the flow but that's not what I wanna do.


      Can anyone help my to find out what happened to These commands? The Shift-keys work fine btw... I'm using them for other commands (in and outside of PS)  .

      If anyone knows how to change these standard hotkeys let me know as well.


      Thnx, Michelle