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    WEBDAV Connection Problem


      I have set up a webdav connection to a site on a windows 2003 server and can connect to it using Internet Explorer and upload and delete files but when I try and connect using contribute CS3 it says Contribute couldn't find your website files using the WebDAV URL you entered. Please make sure that the port number and the path for the WebDAV URL are correct.

      I have also tried connecting directly to the file system and get the error "Contribute cannot verify your connection information. Please contact your administrator for assistance"

      The user has full modify rights to the file system and is able to write and modify files in the location specified

      When the connection attempt is made I can see in both cases that a temporary htm file is created and subsequently deleted from the file system.

      Sample code: <html><head></head><body>1eaw9hocfr_internal</body></html>

      What am I missing? ANd what should I ask the system administrator (it is me!!!)?