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    Screen jumps/re-centers when item is placed or text box resized (CC/CC2014)

    TaraRebeka Level 1

      Hi everyone!


      My co-workers and I haven't been able to figure this one out. We all have Mavericks and are running CC 2014 (and CC would do this as well) on iMacs (two are the newest iMac, one is a 2009 model). Whenever we place an item, or resize a box, the screen will jump and re-center itself. As we're constantly placing items in our layouts, it's been driving us more and more crazy.


      In this shot, I'm resizing the text box where the circle is...


      ...and as soon as I move it up it up and release the button, the screen jumps and re-centers.


      Most of the discussions on screen jumps talk about mouse issues, but I'm on a trackpad, one of is on a Magic Mouse (wireless), and one on a Mighty Mouse (wired).


      CS6 was fine - it was only when we moved over to CC that this started, so please, if it's Pref, I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.