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    Buttons hiding buttons on indesign


      Hi hope you can help. I'm using indesign CS5 and have a problem with pop up buttons being hidden by other buttons. The page design is a 7 column grid with around 10 buttons underneath each column that act as hyperlinks and trigger other show/hide buttons that give a brief summary of the info at the destination of the hyperlink. So in total there is about 140 buttons - 70 shown all the time and 70 pop ups. To help me manage the design I set up the pop up buttons in 7 separate layers as they overlay the buttons in the 7 column grid. When I export to PDF the pop up buttons appear but are partially hidden by the other buttons. Strangely this is only happening for a proportion with some appearing as they should and in the button tool bar review option they all appear fine. It also worked fine on initial exports and the problem only started when I rearranged the tab order.


      Any any help would be much appreciated!