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    Adobe Premiere Elements 10 - Error 6



      I've uninstalled and then reinstalled, and this is the second time it's happened. This pop-up occurs when I try and open any project or attempt to start the program. After I reinstalled the first time last night, it worked fine after opening the program only 4 or 5 times, and then it gave me the error again. I've searched everywhere and can't find an easy fix for this, or maybe I'm not looking hard enough. I don't know if it's even worth it to mess with a customer support, the thought just terrifies me...


      Computer Specs:

      NVIDIA NVS 5200M - version 320.86

      Windows 7

      Intel(R) Core (TM) i7-3720QM CPU @ 2.60 GHZ

      8.00 GB RAM

      64 bit OS


      Any help would be much appreciated, I'm no computer wiz but I hope some of you are!

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Typically Adobe supports only the current version (which is 12)/purchased/registered. But someone reported just the other day that Adobe was supporting 11 and 12. But you have 10....


          How would you class your issue "It worked before but not now" or "it never worked before"?


          Typically those Exit 6 or 7 error messages are associated with installations that end with errors. I am assuming the your Error 6 is the Exit 6 Error code.


          Is your NVIDIA card = NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M? If so, my first instinct would be to point you in the direction of the Premiere Elements 10 NVIDIA GeForce issue detailed with fix at the top of this forum. The fix being the roll back of the driver version to about May 2013.

          __________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________

          Premiere Elements 10 NVIDIA Video Card Driver Roll Back


          If you are a Premiere Elements 10 user whose Windows computer uses a NVIDIA GeForce video card and you are experiencing

          Premiere Elements 10 display and/or unexplained program behavior, then your first line of troubleshooting needs to be rolling

          back the video card driver version instead of assuring that it is up to date.


          Since October 2013 to the present, there have been a growing number of reports about display and unexplained workflow

          glitches specific to the Premiere Elements 10 user whose Windows computer has a NVIDIA GeForce video card. If this applies

          to you, then the “user to user” remedy is to roll back the NVIDIA GeForce video card driver as far as is necessary to get rid of

          the problems. The typical driver roll back has gone back as far as March – July 2013 in order to get a working Premiere

          Elements 10. Neither NVIDIA nor Adobe has taken any corrective action in this regard to date, and none is expected moving forward.


          Since October 2013, the following thread has tried to keep up with the Premiere Elements 10 NVIDIA reports



          Older NVIDIA GeForce drivers can be found



          A February 2014 overview of the situation as well as how to use the older NVIDIA GeForce drivers for the driver roll back can be found


          __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________


          But if your details are correct, driver version 320.86, you are working with an old driver anyway. But, you might want to roll the

          driver version back a few dates beyond that one to rule in or out any involvement in the Premiere Elements 10 NVIDIA GeForce issue.


          If you rule out the video card driver version, we could look at deleting the Premiere Elements 10 Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs file and

          the whole 10.0 Folder in which it exists.

          Local Disk C







          and in the 10.0 Folder is the Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs file that you delete. If that does not work, then delete the whole 10.0 Folder

          in which the Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs file exists. Be sure to be working with Folder Option Show Hidden Files, Folders, and

          Drives active so that you can see the complete path.


          Also, determine if the problem exists with or without the antivirus disabled.


          Let us go through the above and determine where we stand after that. Please do not hesitate to ask for clarification on anything that I have

          written. I will rewrite if necessary.


          Thank you.





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            Awakenwithbacon Level 1

            How would you class your issue "It worked before but not now" or "it never worked before"?

            "It worked before but not now" without having done any updating or major changes to my software.


            I rolled back the driver a few more months just to make sure that wasn't it, and it didn't make a difference. So I uninstalled it entirely again, turned off my anti-virus software, used CCleaner, reinstalled, and deleted the 10.0 folder in the Roaming.


            It seems to work now without the error, I hope this won't be a reoccurring  issue with the program, it's ran smoothly for 2 or 3 years without a problem (despite the whole rollback driver issue).


            I'm still not entirely sure I understand what's been wrong with it, maybe I can search more for the issues I'm having.


            Thank you lots!

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Many thanks for the follow up with the good news that you are able to move forward in your Premiere Elements 10 after the uninstall/ccleaner run through/reinstall. That and the deletion of Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs and the whole folder in which it exists are major assets in the Premiere Elements troubleshooting schemes.


              We are keeping positive thoughts about your continuing success. Great job.


              Thanks again.