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    Flash 14.0 autoinstalled overnight on my 8.1 Windows machine and it hosed Foxfire, the computer's ability to receive typing from onboard keyboard AND wireless. I uninstalled it, restarted and voila, things work.


      I woke up and my program sceens looked right (I had open Foxfire sessions) but the background wallpaper was now black. 


      I restarted the machine. The login code was accepted from my wireless keyboard.  After the desktop came up, I could input no data.  Desktop wallpaper had returned as per normal.


      I opened FoxFire, all bookmarks favorites etc were gone.


      Wireless keyboard could be uninstalled and reinstalled (accepted keystrokes for purposes of installation) But, would not recognize keystrokes in any other program (so, for instance, I could not enter data to do searches in browser for say, Adobe Flash problems).  I assumed the onboard keyboard (laptop) would work, no, the computer would not accept keystrokes from the onboard computer keyboard either.


      I checked what might have updated overnight.  Adobe Flash 14 was the only update that occurred within the past 2 weeks and the only one this morning, so I uninstalled it and rebooted the machine.


      This resolved all the keyboard problems (I had to reinstall the wireless of course) but the end result is that I had to rebuild my bookmarks and settings on FoxFire from scratch.


      I don't know what you guys did with this update, but honestly, it's truly absolutely a hosed update.


      No wonder I kept putting off the Adobe Air update nudges.