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    Lightroom mobile Goes into trial but we have a CC licentie

    _Maarten Level 1

      We have a teacher CC licence. This inclusies Lightroom mobile.

      We are using Lightroom for some years now.

      Installed LR Mobile 1,5 months ago.

      After install of Lightroom mobile it showed as "trial".

      Apparently this should go away after severlap synchs, but it did not.


      Spend 1,5 Hours on the phone with a Adobe expert to solve the problem, but he couldn't get it to work.

      He promised to look into it an send me an e-mail. But he has not done that yet (it's been 10 days or so).

      Guess that's not going to be there anymore.


      So that why I raise the question again: please check my account and get it to work.

      What needs to be done?



      the trial is over for some days now...