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    Re: Photoshop CC (2014) launching slowly


      Hi my Photoshop cc 2014 opens so so slow in my i5 MBPR even if I only open the applications it is also slow an the spinning wheel appears. I don't know what happened because the cc versions runs whit no problems what can I do?

      I open photoshop and the app starts fast (on a SSD with 8 GB RAM) but as soon as it starts i get a spinning wheel.

      It's like something from CC 2014's startup processes are getting hung up for a few minutes. After that it works fine.

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          Hello Sebasqure,

          I don't have same issue like you. Launching of PS is quite speedy and working in PS is normal too. But, I have made some conclusion about crashing PS in startup. Always they crashed after  a standby regime. Obviously is OS collision with NVidia driver but I don't put away possibility that problem lays in PS. Thats all from my point of view. Maybe situation will be better with update 2 for Win 8.1 x64? It has to be soon in July or August, we will see. Good luck!