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    Lightroom Mobile performance in AirPlane mode

    efbacon Level 1

      While showing images using Lightroom Mobile in a gallery where I did not have WiFi connectivity, images rendered at an impossibly slow rate. I shrugged, mumbled something about gadgets and told the proprietor I would find another way to show her my new images. Back home I ran a little experiment. With WiFi turned on: images synchronized reasonably quickly and the slide show worked well. Flipping AirPlane mode on for the iPad 2: the slide show for the same collection slowed to the point that images again were not rendering at all. I tried swiping between images, some images appeared, but were not fully rendered, that is blurry lo-res version only.


      I had just purged all galleries that previously had been synchronized via iTunes. The plan was to use LR Mobile for portfolio presentations. If LR Mobile is not designed to work disconnected, I may have to revisit my decision. Any suggestions/remedies are gladly welcomed.