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    My shared objects don't update

      I have an app that has a SWF component and a main.asc. (So far, so good.) In the SWF running in the browser, I have a shared object that has info about a stream. I push a stream object into the property "astreams" of the shared object. Then i call a function in the main.asc which attempts to access the SO data.

      If the browser is running on the same machine as the FMS, it all works perfectly. If the browser is running remotely, it doesn't. I have tried flushing and even closing the SO, but it has no affect.

      Does the computer name or IP address play into this? Since they work when both are running on the same machine, but not when they are running on different machines, I wonder about the affect on the SO of the computer name difference.

      What do I have to do to force the SO to write to disk so main can pick up the data?